English: dialog Dan and Tony


Dan: Hi ,Tony!  This is Dan.

Tony:Sorry, who?

Dan: Dan.  How are you, Tony?

Tony:Fine, thanks, and  you?

Dan: I`m OK .  Tony , let s go to the Stadium.


Dan:To the stadium to play hockey.

Tony:To play what?.
Dan: Hockey.


Dan:Does Al want to go with us?

Tony: Does who?


Tony: Yes, he does.

Dan: Can he play hockey well?

Tony: Play what?.

Dan: Hockey.

Tony: I am sorry, I don’t  know. but he likes to play hockey very much.

Dan: OK. Let’s invite Bill, too.

Tony: Invite whom?.

Dan: Bill, I know that he can play hockey very well.

Tony:Do you think Bill wants to play with us?.

Dan: Of  course!.

Tony: OK . Let’s  all go to the stadium.  Then we’ll play  computer games at school.



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